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We stock a range of quality instruments and tooling and can obtain most industrial and scientific apparatus as required. Some of the range is as follows weighing instruments:

A&D Mercury (Authorised Distributor)
  • Electronic scales
  • Analytical balances
  • Customized scale on requests to clients
  • General purpose scales requirements
  • Mechanical hanging scales
  • Pallet scales

Note: in house calibration available

Pressure Gauges

We stock a large range of quality industrial pressure gauges, both 63mm and 100mm diameter, covering a range of -100 to 40.000 KPa. We can also custom supply up to 70,000 KPa.

Customised ranges and specific engineering units is also available

  • We stock quality druck digital pressure indicators
  • 0.25% test gauges also available to order

Note: in house calibration available


We stock precision hand held optical/contact tachometers.

Note: in house calibration available.

  • A range of electronic hand held thermocouple thermometers is available
  • Glass thermometers in stock -10/110ºC
  • Standard hand held probes immersion, air, surface types
  • Custom built thermocouples/probes
  • Infrared hand held thermometers

Note: All items are able to be calibrated in house


We stock a quality hand held humidity/temperature meter, which has the unique advantage of ease of in house precise calibration.

Torque tools

We are also sell the range of W+B (Warren and Brown) quality torque wrenches. Some items are held in stock others can generally be supplied in a few days.

Note: In house calibration available

Dimensional metrology instruments

We are an authorised distributor for quality Mitutoyo metrological instrumentation.

This huge range includes (but is not limited to)

  • Micrometers - inside, outside, depth
  • Dial gauges/indicators
  • Feeler gauges
  • Vernier calipers
  • Linear encoders

Note: In house calibration is available

Custom Requirements
  • Gould Instruments has a wide variety of supply options for specific instrument requirements.
  • We can also custom build precision instrument solutions to suit your measurement and control requirements.

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