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Thermocouple Thermometers

We provide service/calibration/certification to all thermocouple types, covering temperature recorders/loggers, indicators and controllers utilising precision certified references, temperature range -200/1820C.

RTD Thermometers

Gould Instruments services/calibrates and certifies a mide range of RTD types (resistive thermal devices) covering temperature recorders/loggers, indicators and controllers.

The full temperature range for each RTD (PT) is covered, utilising precision certified references.

Analogue Thermometers

We calibrate/certify analogue thermometers with ranges of subzero to 600°C, utilising precision certified reference apparatus.

Infra-red Thermometers

We calibrate and certify all makes and models of non-contact infra-red thermometers.

We employ certified infrared black box reference instruments our range is 20/400°C.

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