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Dimensional Metrology

Micrometers (all types)

We service/calibrate and certify all makes and models of outside, inside (bore) and depth micrometers. We employ state of the art, traceable reference instruments, adhering to the relevant Australian/International standards. Both metric and imperial instruments are catered for.

Dial Gauges

We also service/calibrate all makes and models of dial gauges/indicators, both metric and imperial, to Australian Standards.

Testing includes repeatability and discrimination tests.

Vernier Calipers

All makes and models of digital and analogue Vernier Calipers are calibrated and certified, utilizing state of the art, precision, certified reference apparatus.

Straight Edges

Gould Instruments utilises, precision certified granite surface tables to calibrate/certify straight edges of all makes to a tolerance of 1 micron.

Bore Gauges
Feeler Gauges
Depth Gauges
Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Meters
Ultrasonic Metal Thickness Meters

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